10 Confusing Things Girlfriends Say!

Girlfriends always say the confusing things, it’s not like, it is in their nature. It is something they want you to know by yourself without them actually telling you! Just decode it and you are in. Here is, how a girl wants you to know some of her things :

1. when she says i am not angry. yeah! clearly she is not ! Don’t poke her asking it, in every god dam single minute.

2. If you are asking for a permission to go out with your friends and if she says yes! That clearly means don’t go. You can hear the yes, can’t you see the face?

3. If you have done something wrong , you should know it! Because when she says “You tell me”, clearly she knows it all. She just wants you to spill it out.

4. When she is upset, and says I am fine. Means she wants you to ask her again and again untill she breaks down and tells you.

5. Don’t show off your knowledge in front of her, it will let her down. Just wait untill she asks!

6. When she asks you to choose between a dress she wants to wear, genuinely tell her the colour you want, don’t go for both the colours, just pick one and come up with a good reason for not choosing the another colour! As she already is messed up with it!

7. When she is saying something about your friends, listen to her and if you interfere it completely means an argument! Plus she is never judging your baes!

8. When she cooks something for you, always appreciate her efforts not the taste. Mind it Not the taste!

9. When you want to order something go for it. Then dont ask her what to eat, if she says anything, means she could eat anything. But the catch here is you should know what she likes and order that to surprise her!

10. Keep complementing her, even if you don’t notice her new hair cut, her eyebrows done or her workout effect! Your complements should always be there for her.



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