10 Things Only Strong BFF’S Can Undertand In a Distant Friendship.

We all have those one or two Bff’s whom we can’t imagine to live without, but following work schedules and getting placed at different locations, we maintain that friendship being in contact. But what all we miss is the sharing, of all the secret talks by telling them with humour, exchanging fun facts, hanging out together and most importantly shopping togather! You can’t deny these things if you ever had or still have that bff who is living apart. Here we got some beautiful fun facts about long distant bffs :


1. When you miss your bff there is literally no one who can replace them! And those who try to do so, you kick their ass too! Bffs might live in a different place but their replacements do not exist.



2. The moment you reunite is the single best thing on this planet, otherwise you only have the options to go out with your colleagues whom you don’t give a damn about and still ponder, how awesome it would be to hangout with your bichtes, but still pretend to enjoy with those groupies. True that!



3. When you finally meet, you can’t help but squeal and hug a lot. And the smile and chuckles followed by every thing gets you all into the true mode! You just can’t help it, its awesome!



4. The texting anticipation right before planned reunion is so real, though! You send each other minute-by-minute updates that are exclusively either strings of emojis or just all-caps texts. The reunion mode relishes everyone.



5.  You have a list of favorite spots you have to go to whenever you meet, your stomach actually dreams about the gratification at the restaurant near their house that you’re obsessed with. And you can sense that feeling even being at your place!



6. Even though you text constantly, you spend hours catching each other up on everything whenever you see each other. Important in-person discussions include any new relationship updates, dramas with mutual friends, and stories that hinge on amazing facial expressions and gesturing wildly with your hands while you speak. Well thats one hell of amusement you get!



7.  Sometimes You don’t even need to plan the activities when you meet up. Just chilling out on the couch and talking with a coffee is exciting enough as long as you’re together.



8. When other people try to get in on your hang-outs, it’s like… can you not? Hello, this is one-on-one time.



9. You take so many selfies together, some people might mistakenly assume you live in the same place. Nope. We just obsessively instpost our every move whenever we’re together. Hell yeah!



10. You can’t wait to move to the same city. You’re already researching colleges in the same city. And after you graduate, you have plans to move to the same city together and be roommates. It’s the only thing that gives you hope when you’re really missing each other. So true!


Stay connected. Always!