11 Astonishing Powers your Subconscious Mind has!

  1. Control of the senses.

When we are asleep we might think we are not capable to smell anything but we have our subconscious mind who is awake all 24 hrs and controls all senses even in slumber. Remember when often a mosquito bite you (when you are asleep) and your hand automatically moves to tap that part of the body, yeah! That’s subconscious working and controlling over it!

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  1. Reflex action.

When we are walking barefoot on a background and we accidentally step on a stinging piece of butt, oops! That reflex of suddenly picking up your foot is the one which is laid aside in the subconscious brain. Because the next time if we insure that same thing again we will automatically won’t step on it. In other, words it isn’t much if we say our subconscious mind protects us like a bodyguard.

  1. Conscience.

Many times in life you may have gone through, if you are starting to attempt any wrongdoing, a voice from inside says “Don’t do that work, it would precede you a bad result.” And then you think twice before answering it. Hold you ever pondered where that part came from? Yeah! That’s subconscious mind giving you instructions before any work, examine it! It really is amazing.

  1. Telepathy.

Do you remember thinking about meeting a person all day and suddenly you receive a letter, a call or even that person from nowhere coming and meeting you. When we are imagining about them, we are actually attracting that person living miles away from us. And this is called as telepathy, which is a substantial component of our subconscious brain.

  1. Storehouse of memory.

Our subconscious mind has a unique power called Mind Power. Which is present in abundance and has unbelievable powers of itself. It’s even updated than a modern computer and everybody holds it in the same amount. It’s the one we call as a bad or just memory.


  1. Emotional Quotient.

When we talk about life there is more importance of emotional quotient than intelligence quotient. It doesn’t matter how secure we are at our I.Q. If our E.Q. Is low we would be more depressed, feeling under pressure and totally upset, even not willing to do any work? That’s in our subconscious how to manage these matters and be stronger at your E.Q.

  1. It offers a treasure trove of knowledge.

Yes, our subconscious mind has plenty of knowledge beyond our imagination. Through which we can visualize our goals and even can make them come true. Once we learn how to use it, we would be knowing its abundance.

  1. Sapience.

Wisdom means, how we are reacting and taking decisions in the difficult times of our lives. Sometimes we don’t want to go to anybody for assistance, then we are listening to our own voice. And when we get the desired answers this is all given by our subconscious mind.

  1. Creation of Opportunity.

Sometimes we believe if given an opportunity we would do wonders. How about creating wonders rather than looking for them. It’s all possible with the help of the subconscious.

  1. Mental clock.

If want to wake up early for a meeting, or early morning flight or train, would always get up before time, even before the alarm clock rings. That’s where the power of subconscious works.

  1. Control over pain.

It’s basically a practice which is achieved by immense techniques of relaxation and hypnotism as well.