7 Things You Will Relate To, If Your Name Starts With “A”.

School days were damn awesome! More awesome are the memories of it. Here are some moments to relate if u had your name starting with “A”! If YES? then surely you would have witnessed these enlisted things. Enjoy Reading!

1. Always having roll numbers between 1 to 10. Always being the first ones to shout out loud “Present Sir!”. For all, roll no. 01 getting tapped on head many times either by friends or roll no. 02, on head for not listening the attendance getting started, in the morning, before prayer, though.


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2. Always having viva first. Agreeable point here is, we were the first ones to get triggered by the viva-inspector! And afterwards getting mobbed by our classmates, to provide them usual information about it. Sounds so familiar! Isn’t it?


3. We were the first ones to get evalutaed in tests. Worst situation was when everybody’s eyes were on our marks, first! The only question then raised in our mind was exactly, Why me? Haha.


4. Remember, always having the particular front seats in exams? Besides your friends sitting two rows after yours! Who would be having more miserable situation than us. No head turns!


5. Teacher considering us the most intelligent person of the class because our roll no.s were on top! I mean why? And making us sit in the front benches, beacuse of our roll number. Doesn’t that sounds funny? Well, this issue got resolved, entering into the college, where we sat even in the last seats and nobody questioned! haha.


6. Getting caught into the situation of submitting any kind of homework, starting  always form us! Why didn’t our teachers collected them from the last roll no. ?Meanwhile the the other classmates always snached the time to finish their incomplete homework! Baah! True that! Lucky people, then.


7. Even if it was the trun of somebody else to solve a question on the blackboard, certainly the situation will again turn upon us because the person  isn’t present. That was clearly not our fault!