8 Shocking Things Girls Totally Hate About Flirting

OK, if a girl really, really likes you, none of these things are going to totally kill your chances. But the vast majority of the time, these are moves that insane boys/guys insist on doing because they think they’re endearing, and girls hate because they’re confusing. Think of these moves as the flirting equivalent of particle acceleration. Sure, you could do awesome stuff with it, or you could create a black hole so massive it swallows the entire planet. haha!

1. Using a baby voice! Irritating as it sounds! uugghh!! 


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2. Taking our hair bands or hairpins and playing with it when our hairs are tied! Not so cool.



3. Obviously acting dumb as a way of initiating the conversation.


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4. Playing hard to get. Get some dignity dude! If we are interested you will know! 

5. Setting their hair constantly. Basically you look fine! Be simple man!

6. Trying to make us jealous? Ah! you think that would work? unless you have hold on us! 

7. Faking a common interest. You think you would gain our respect by that? Try getting a deep conversation over that and we swear we’ll beat you.

8. Forcing us to decode emoji texts. That is the most disgusting game ever! Get a life.