9 Powerful Forms of Durga to Worship During Navaratri and Why!

In each year, Hindus celebrate the first phase of Navaratri called the ‘Chaitra Navaratri’ (March-April). While the second navratri is ‘Sharad Navaratri’, which is being celebrated during the months of September – October of every year.

As per Hindu religion, nine days of Navratri is really considered auspicious for most of the Hindus as this time, they worship the nine forms of Durga for having protection against injury and danger of any kind. It is also said that during these nine days of Navratri, worshipping the nine forms of Maa Durga also help devotees to attain ‘Riddhi’ and ‘Siddhi’, which means wisdom and wealth.

For this reason, here we come up with these 9 forms of Durga you need to worship for the next nine days….

# 1. Goddess Shailaputri:

Among all the nine days, Maa Shailputri is the first manifestation of goddess Durga. On the first day of auspicious Navaraatri, she alone is adored and worshipped. Since she was born as a daughter to the mountain-king Himalaya, she is also known as Shailputri. The powers of Mother Shailputri are unlimited. She carries the trishul and the lotus in her hands. Mantras : Om Devi Shailputryai Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)


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# 2. Goddess Brahmacharini:

Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped on the second day of Navratri for having strength and success in career. She is in a highly pious and peaceful form or is in meditation. She is also known as Tapasyacharini. The worship of Maa Brahmchaarini is conducive to penance, virtue, renunciation and nobility. Mantras for Devi Brahmacharini: Om Devi Brahmcharinyai Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)


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# 3. Goddess Chandraghanta:

Maa Chandraghanta is worshipped on day 3 due to her power and knowledge. In this form Durga is 10-armed and rides a tiger. The complexion possessed by Maa Chandraghantaa is golden. Her forehead is bedecked with the crescent moon resembling the shape of a ghantaa. This is the reason why she is called Maa ‘Chandraghantaa’ by devotees. Mantras for Chandraghanta Devi: Om Devi Chandraghantayayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)



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# 4. Goddess Kushmanda:

Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped on day 4 for having good health and wealth. She dwells in the abode of the Sun God. The name Kushmanda is made of three other words that are “Ku + Ushma + Amnda= Kushmanda”. Here “Ku” is “Little”, “Ushma” is “Warmth or Energy” and “Anda” is “Egg” , meaning the one who create the universe as “Little Cosmic Egg” with the energy of Her divine smile, is called “Kushmanda”. Mother Kushmaandaa is the bestower of all pleasures. So, a devotee should worship her with a purified mind and intellect. Mantra for Kushmaandaa Devi : Om Devi Kushmandayayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)


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# 5. Goddess Sakandmata:

In this form Durga is four-armed and rides on a lion. Goddess Sakandmata is worshipped on day 5th for having an overall peace and happiness. Her son Karttikeya is also called Skanda. This is reason why she is called Skandamaataa or the Mother of Skanda. She carries a lotus, a kamandalu and a bell along with a hand that is in blessing posture. Mantras for Skandamaataa Devi: Om Devi Skandmatayayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)


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# 6. Goddess Katyayani:

Goddess Katyayani is worshipped on 6th day of Navratri for having peace of mind. In this form Durga is four-armed and she carries a shield, sword and lotus in her hand. She rides a lion and her hand is depicted by giving blessing. It is believed that Mother Kaatyaayani can give everything to her devotees. She is easily propitiated by devotion and destroys all sins of her devotees. Mantras for Kaatyaayani Devi: Om Devi Katyayanyayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)


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# 7. Goddess Kaalratri:

Goddess Kaalratri is worhipped on 7th day of Navratri for having courage to fight against enemies. In this form Durga is four-armed and rides a donkey. With one hand she blesses while on others, she carries sword, trident and noose. It is believed that Goddess Kaalaraatri is the destroyer of ghosts, demons, goblins and evil-minded persons. She confers the state of fearlessness on her devotees. Mantras for Kalaratri Devi: Om Devi Kalratryayi Swaha (108 Recitations)


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# 8. Goddess Mahagauri:

Goddess Mahagauri is worshipped on the 8th day of Navratri to have successful in life. In this form, she rides on a bull or a white elephant. Two hands are in blessing posture and she carries a trishul and a damaru. Maa Mahagauri’s meditation, her worship, her adoration and her devotion are conducive to the welfare of devotees. Mother Mahagauri fulfils all the desires of her devotees. Mantras for Mahagauri Devi: Om Devi Mahagauryayi Namah (108 Recitation of Mahagauri Mantra)


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# 9. Goddess Siddhidatri:

Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped on the 9th day of Navratri to be blessed with an intelligent mind. In this form Durga is seated on a lotus and is four armed. She is surrounded by Siddhas, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Gods, and Demons who are worshipping her. Here, she holds a lotus, mace, discus and book. She is the mistress of all achievements and perfections. She fulfills all the mundane and divine aspirations of her devotees. Mantras: Om Devi Siddhidatryayi Namah (108 Recititation of Siddhidatri Mantra)


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