The Amazing and Unparalleled Superpowers of Hindu Gods

In Hindu culture, every god is well known for their some kind of superpower….Like goddess Lakshmi’s power to bless her devotees with wealth, goddess Durga, who could kill the demons or Indra’s ‘Vajra’ that emitted thunderbolt, saraswati blessing her devotees with knowledge and wisdom and so on…..Well these are the superpowers were acquired and they do not born with it but today we are here to discuss with you about those gods who already inherited these superpowers and hence they do not need any weapon or mantra to apply such powers into use. Let’s have a look:

Lord Shiva: He had third eye, which emitted flames and burned things into ashes

It is believed that when Lord Shiva gets extremely angry, he has the power to open his third eye which is also known as the destructive ‘third eye’ and punish the culprit one. For this reason, he is also known as the destroyer. Even his third eye is also known for his wisdom. Besides it, there is one another super power which Lord Shiva have. He has the power that he can easily contain the mighty Ganges in his hair.

Lord Hanuman: He could enlarge and contract his size whenever he wanted to

If you seen Ramanyana, then you should notice that Lord Hanuman changes his shape several times. He has the power to contract his size like a cat so that no one could trace him. As per Ramayana, he has adopted this shape while searching for Rama’s wife Sita in Ravana’s Lanka.

Later on, he also takes the size equivalent to a mountain to show his true power to Sita. One time, he also turn is body as a microscopically small so that he can easily enter Lanka before killing Lankini. Lankini was a demon who used to guard the gates of Lanka.

Lord Vishnu: He can change into various forms as per his wish

Vishnu has the power to appear in different forms like turtle, fish, lion, dwarf, pig, Mohini (celestial nymph) and many more. During the churning of the ocean, he turned himself into a turtle, a dwarf against king Bali, into a lion to kill a beast, and into a celestial nymph to distract the demons. As per the Hindu mythology, there are many other forms of Vishnu which he had taken to save the mankind.

Lord Brahma: Creation and Recreation is the power that lies only with Lord Brahma

It is believed that it is the Lord Brahma who has created the whole universe. He has four faces through which he can look into four directions. It is also known that whenever the earth will destroy, he has is the only who can recreate it. Brahma is also known as Svayambhu (self-born), lord of speech and the creator of the four Vedas.

Lord Ganesha: He has unfathomable depth of wisdom.

Because of his wisdom, the author of Mahabharata Ved Vyas select Ganesha to script the epic, which no one else could do.

Lord Krishna: He could foresee the future and plan his strategies accordingly

In the whole Mahabharata, it was only Lord Krishna, who has the power to foresee the future. In fact, he was the one to plan the Mahabharata.