Watch Malana People Dancing Joyfully Like “No One is Watching’

India is the host of many hypnotizing spots that have various customs, cultures and legacies. One such place is Malana. Perched 3029m above sea level, in the region of Deo Tibba and Chandrakhani crests, Malana is a little town in Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh. Well known for its world class hash production, Malana is believed to be the oldest democracies of the world.

Uninfluenced by the modern civilization, Malana have its own lifestyle and social structure. People of Malana village are strict followers of their ancient customs and follows them faithfully.

Men and women dance in traditional jewels and attire comprising of chola, kalgi (round top) and tight pajams on the beats of the Nagara, Shahanai, Karnali and Narsingha at the local festivals.

You can see in the pictures below:

1.malana dance 1


malana 2

3. malana dance 3

4. Malana dance 4

5. malana dance 5

To see their complete traditional dance, check out the video below: