India will have 100 percent electric vehicles by 2030 !

India will become a 100 percent electric vehicle nation by the year 2030, is the surprise revelation made by the Road Minister. And we will not be the first nation to be achieving this target. In fact Norway was one of the first nations to have started the initiative of acquiring electric cars by the year 2025.

elelctric car

In fact the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament had passed a motion with this regards last month itself. The motion supported a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from the year 2025. The proposal is yet to become a law and is facing opposition presently. The proposal makes a lot of sense to many people considering the fact that the Dutch Energy Act expires in 2023, so a ban on diesel and gasoline vehicles afterwards would not be required to revise the Act.


The proposal by the Indian Government seems very unrealistic for now. The Dutch have a different background, and culturally have nothing common with us. In very simple words road minister Nitin Gadkari want Indians to buy electric cars, from the money they save from spending on a car run on petrol.

He is yet to discuss his proposal with the Oil and Environment Ministry. The proposal has many untied ends. For example how will a common Indian pay for the batteries once they run out.


For now only companies like Tesla offer an eight year warranty on their batteries.  An electric vehicle for now costs something in the line of 10,000 Euros. So unless the government proposes a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles, there is no chance that the common citizen will be able to or even be keen to buy an electric vehicle.

Would you be interested in driving an electric car ?