Kajol Explains Why the Film Industry is Male Dominated

One of the famous Bollywood actress, Kajol, who has spent over two decades of her entire career in Bollywood industry also believes that showbiz is ‘simply just another business’ and is a man’s world.

These days, not only in Hollywood but also in Bollywood industry, Wage inequality has became a hot topic.

When Kajol was asked on the same topic of gender inequality in the film industry by IANS in an interview, she told that: “It is male dominated. There is no getting away from that fact. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, that will be there because currently our world is like that.” She added that: ” Hollywood or Bollywood, it is simply another business where it is male dominated. But again, it has to be monetarily feasible and economically viable. It has everything to do with the pay scale as far as this particular business is concerned.”

Her last film was “Dilwale” which was released in year 2015. She is married to actor-filmmaker Ajay Devgn. As per her, she is not planning to take any break from movies as of now. Hopefully, she will start shooting for a film.

Kajol said that: “I can’t talk about it right now. It is still in the scripting stage. I hope it goes on floors in the next three months or so. The director is yet to be finalised.” Besides these, she is also a soap brand’s ambassador.

Currently, she is advocating child for hand washing with soap. As per her, “It’s (the campaign) very close to my heart. As a star and as a person, you have a responsibility. You need to stand up and be a part of the society and help out in whichever way you can. For somebody like me, I am famous and people recognise me.”

She also tell us about her experience when she met with the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the cause behind it and why she visited New Delhi. She said, “Hopefully, they will believe in the things that I have to say. So, I can use that to the advantage of my society and work for it.” She also shared that they also provide knowledge and importance why washing hands should be mandatory in schools. She said, “It is necessary to put in not only in the toilet but wash basins as well. So that facility should be available and then only will the habit be available.”

She also said that now they are planning to tied her own campaign with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Her statement was, “Officially, no. I can’t say that we have tied up. But I think the way we are going, what we are talking about, it coincides well with his own campaign (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan). We are definitely on the same page.”

When questions was asked about their children, she said that son Yug and daughter Nysa complain a lot. Even his son tells that: “Mama I like it when I enter the house and see you waiting for me.”…She said that it is obvious that every kids wants that their mother should be at home when they are coming from school and wants their mother to be their bai (maid).