Did You Know There’s A Village In UP Named After Snapdeal.com?

Yes, this is true!! There is a little village in Muzaffarnagar, UP, called Snapdeal.com. As weird as it sounds…..A few years ago, this was a village which was renamed after Indian e-commerce giant Snapdeal. Its original name was Shiv Nagar. Now you may think what had happened?? Why the villagers changed the name of the village like this??

Well, this question is obviously curious. Here’s how it happened: Kunal Bahl, CEO of Snapdeal visited Shive Nagar where he found that the villagers had to walk for miles to fetch water. So, now you may think that what he did then?? He simply donated 15 hand pumps to the village which costs him nearly ₹3,33,000 and 15 hand pumps get installed within the village. For seeing his efforts towards the village’s development, the residents of the village renamed it Snapdeal.com Nagar.

Although, Bahl never expected anything in return for the company’s effort and the whole amount was given in good faith, the village elders elected to rename the village as Snapdeal.com Nagar for giving him as a return gift. Now, Bahl is also planning to make further donations to the villagers for having better infrastructure and education along with basic health amenities. Now, it seems that the villagers might be able to access the website and place their orders as per their need.

So, how good is that!!