Things That Bring Out the Real You

What we see or perceive of the situations are the emotional frequencies we’re sending out, that aren’t being absorbed by the situation in front of us and are bounced back to us. Often this is simply because that emotion is happening inside us at such an enormous level that we send out massive pulses of that emotion – an emotional ‘charge’ around the situation.

How much do you know yourself?

Your mind just can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is virtual. The emotional experience inside you is so strong that it will make you realise that you were really there – it was really happening inside you. Remember living the same situation again, or sensing something and it happens!

Give attention to your inner self.

do you remember learning a word and suddenly start seeing or noticing it almost everywhere? It’s not actually that the words is written everywhere, it’s that your focus brings that word into your awareness in your day-to-day surroundings. Basically your focus moves that word onto the list of items that you are currently consciously aware of. And slowly that word tend to move to your subconcious mind and will bring to your notice when ever you see that word.When an issue is a major issue for you, say you had a boss that treated you badly, or an ex that cheated, part of that experience becomes one of your main focus points all the time, or it starts to live permanently near your consciousness.

Feel empowered about yourself.

Once you have increased your own self-awareness of your fears, immediately take the piece of paper and tear it up into pieces.  This is a symbolic gesture that helps you feel empowerment. You can also choose to change your own belief system, if you believe you are going to fail, chances are you will end up failing.  You need to believe that you will succeed.

 Fear of Failure:

  • What if I don’t succeed or have the outcomes I desire?
  • What if others laugh at me when they see me screw up?
  • What if I lose everything I have now because I make a mistake?
  • What if I forget what to say in the job interview or speech?

Fear of Success:

  • What if I can’t repeat my successful performance in the future?
  • What if being successful changes who I am?
  • What if I don’t have the skills to be successful in the next role that I take on?
  • What if I don’t deserve this success?

Hope you would find many answers just by believeing in yourself and searching everything inside yourself.

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