Read The Real Story Of Dhoni From Railway Station To Cricket World!!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, recognized as one of the best Indian captain a team has ever had. Irrespective of many losses and wins, till now there is no one who can take the place of him. Today, due to his indisputable cricket, many well known people, like the God of cricket aka Sachin Tendulkar also admit the fact that “Dhoni is the best captain I have played under, he is a fantastic captain,” told in one of his interview.

It is of no doubt that there are several cricket fanatics who are completely in awe of our captain cool. Till now he has not only broken several records but is also recognized as one of the most successful Indian sportsmen listed on the Forbes 100 list. Due to his way of playing, he is now the 22nd richest sportsperson in the world, which is really awesome!!



Stephen Fleming, who is presently the coach of the new IPL team – Pune Supergiants, who also gets inspired by Dhoni, has gone on record to say that: “Leadership can take many forms. M S Dhoni is an inspiring captain who is open to ideas.”

But do you the unbelievable fact about Dhoni’s life was that he was just a ticket examiner at Kharagpur Railway Station. Shocking!! yes, but this is true…. Whatever has achieved today is only because of his hard work, dedication and passion towards cricket.

Belonging from a small town like Ranchi in Jharkhand, Dhoni was initially not interested in playing cricket. He used to play badminton and football. He also played these sports at the district level. Honestly, if he went for football, then India will never get his best captain like Dhoni.

When he was just 12 years of old, K R Banerjee view his goal keeping capability and thought that his catching capability can be translated into cricket. Today we have to accept that Mr. Banerjee had hit the nail right on the head. In an interview, Banerjee recalled that: “I needed a wicket keeper and thought he would be good.” He also told that in starting times, he was not so talented and also possess an old style of catching the ball. Even at that time, he had the helicopter shot which now has become its signature style. Mr. Banerjee also told that he learned such steps while playing tennis. As per him, he told that he never tried to change him, the only thing which he believe is enhance his talent while not removing his natural way of style.

Dhoni is not only self assured, but his only strong determination makes him big, and took him from his small town to the pitch of the Indian cricket team and aided a mark not only for himself but also for the India. Well, after going through all the above statements, it becomes quite clear that till now Dhoni has benefited from his passion for sports, not because of his academics. In fact, he secured his railway job only because of his cricket.

However, he’s working in railway station gets ended when he starts getting calls for bigger matches. He was well recognised only for his efforts, especially in the ODI format.

In the tri-nation tournament involving India, Kenya and Pakistan, Dhoni helped India a lot. To chase down the target of 223 against Pakistan with half century. After having this remarkable performance, he was selected in the ODI squad for the Bangladesh tour in 2004/05. After this, he started playing in almost all the important cricket. Within less than 3 years, he was leading the Indian team to the World Twenty20 triumph in South Africa which totally transforms his life.

After this, he led Indian cricket team on the top of world rankings, won the World Cup of Indian Premier League titles with Chennai Super Kings. In short, Dhoni’s success story is not only unparalleled, but also inspiring. For this reason, Director Neeraj Pandey is directing M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, a biographical film on MSD, starring Sushant Singh Rajput.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is a personality who shows the whole world that everything is possible in this world if you have a true passion towards your work.